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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Draw Call Minimizer 2.0

Hello ladies and gentlemen! Recently I did a complete overhaul of my Draw Call Minimzier tool for Unity3D. I fixed all of the issues I was informed of, and added new features, and I am now much happier with the tool.

Changes since 1.3.4:

-Added namespaces to the classes to avoid naming issues with some of the classes (It seemed like people commonly had classes names like MeshCombineUtility when they were looking for other tools to reduce draw calls)
- OptimizedCombineChildren is now named DrawCallMinimizer and is faster, cleaner, and easier to use
- Texture atlasing is much faster and makes smaller textures
- Properly manages Shaders with more than one texture property
- New editor tool for batching allows you to combine meshes before runtime and exports combined meshes, textures and materials as assets and prefabs
- Added links to a wiki with the newest version and information, as well as a link to the issue tracker so you can notify me of bugs that you find with DrawCallMinimizer

I also created a video going over what is new in DrawCallMinimizer:

I hope you guys enjoy! You can grab the latest version from here: