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Sunday, May 13, 2012

President Dev Log # 1: 56 Hours Working, 4 Sleeping

Starting off the first development log with the first screenshot of the game sounds good to me.

It's amazing just how much progress we have made within the last two days on this project compared to the last two weeks. It has moved from a game that had a few pieces constructed to a something playable and working in a matter of 56 working hours. 

As the titles says, since Friday May 11th, out of the 60 hours that I have been doing the development marathon with the team, 56 of those hours have been working, and 4 of those have been sleeping. I feel fantastic, and I mean that in the most sarcastic way possible. It is a good thing that we are seeing so much progress on the game, because I don't know how I would have lasted this long otherwise. 

As of this post, in our working version of the game we have:

Working AI:
- our computer AI will determine the correct card to lay next depending on what is currently up on the table. It will also pass if it is unable to play.

An audio manager:
 - efficiently creates and plays music from anywhere. It saves us from having to attach components and take up memory that doesn't need to be taken up.

Custom Rules:
- Everyone that has played president has played it with different rules, now not only can you play different modes, but you can create your own rules and play with them instead

Custom GUI:
- Unity's GUI system has been called inefficient. While it is very robust and useful for rapid prototyping, I do agree that things could happen more quickly. So we created our own GUI system and even have fancy editors so that you can click and drag your GUI objects around.

8 bit sound effects!!!
- Yeah, we have an 8 bit sound effect creator, just so that we can create placeholder sounds for coding reasons

Card Cam
-We noticed that since this is being created for mobile, top down view is boring, and there is a really harsh angle on the cards on the table, that we needed to find a way to fix the problem without affecting gameplay. Card Cam was created to do just that. Now you can see the cards currently laid on the table in the corner of the screen in a window large enough to see the cards, yet small enough to stay out of the way.

So with all of these features currently finished, or at least 95% finished, I'd say progress has been fantastic. With that said, currently the next features to be implemented are:

- We want a gesture manager to take a look at what the player has been doing and if there's any sort of gesture that can be recognized to fire an event off

- Achievements, everybody loves achievements.

Facebook and Twitter integration:
- It is something that more and more apps are doing nowadays, and its more acceptable to see. On top of that it is like free advertising not only for games but for businesses in general. There really is no downside to integrating it.

-We are starting with peer to peer networking. It is a much simpler approach and we currently don't   have a dedicated server to do player vs the world games.

That's where we are at so far coding wise. The art is also coming along great with Blake our artist. He's been pumping out 2D and 3D assets like a mad man and we currently have two environments worth of modelling completed, with another two to go. Things are looking very good now, it's nice to test with the game using a real table model instead of a cube.

Also I want to mention the guys at the Nexus Game Studio. They are Indie developers located in Barrie who are currently working on a game called Infinite. This is something that I think you guys should take a look at.