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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Another New Project

Well hello there! 

As the title states, another new project has fallen into my lap. Not a whole lot can be said about the project as of right now since it's still in its planning stages, but what I can say is that it is going to be an Android and iPhone app that you can play with your friends.

With this project I am working with four other people that I went to school with. It will be two artists, an animator / marketing specialist I guess you could say, and another programmer that I will be working along side with. 

I'm excited for this project and hope to have a prototype up and ready soon so that it can be shown off.

I do want you guys to know that development on Tom's Traumatizing Time at the Toy Store, and the Draw Call Minimizer has not stopped, it is just slowing down. I am currently figuring out a way to organize my schedule to allow development on all three, but this new project is the largest priority, so most time will be devoted to that.

I am thinking of setting up my week so that I am working on the new project for four out of the seven days, the tower defense game for one day, and the Draw Call Minimizer for two days. My reason being that for the tower defense game, adding the new features isn't going to take as long as art, and once we are done with the new project I will have a whole team instead of just me and my buddy.

The Draw Call Minimizer also is getting some new features. One of them being a "Bake In Editor" mode that was requested. This mode will allow you to "bake" your levels so that you get the performance benefit without the large loading time that it takes. That will come with the next version. The version after that is going to have dynamic meshes so that you can have moving objects in your scene that are still being drawn with one draw call.

Anyways, thought that I would let you guys know what is up, and why it has been a little over a week since the last update to Tom's Traumatizing Time at the Toy Store, if you've been following it that is.