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Friday, March 16, 2012

Live Version of Tom's Traumatizing Time at the Toy Store

Hey guys! So what I thought that I would do is embed a version of my game right on this blog so that you can see it being updated more or less live.

I am going to post a permanent version on the TDShooter page that will be updated all of the time. I am hoping to have weekly/bi-weekly updates, so check back every week or so to see if there is something new to the game.

Some changes will be visual, such as a texture or model upgrade, while others will be more in the background, the stuff that you don't see right in your face. Efficiency upgrades is what I am going to call it, because it is either a code update, or an update that cleans up a few things.

Anyways, what I want you to do is play the game, and let me know what you think, whether it is good or bad. This game isn't even in alpha yet, so what I currently have is basic features, but before I start rambling, here is the game, and more updates should follow in the TDShooter page

Also check out Tom's Traumatizing Time at the Tow Store's Facebook page at:

The controls for the game are:
Mouse: Aim
Left Mouse Button: Fire
Left Shift: Swap between 1st and 3rd person views
WASD: Move
Escape: Menu

You may also find some temporary/underdeveloped functionality with some messing around with different keys
Unity Web Player | WebPlayer

Unity Web Player | WebPlayer