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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tom's Traumatizing Time At The Toy Store and RocketHub

Hey everyone, sorry for the inconsistency with my posts. My latest post is about the new game that I am developing, previously known as TDShooter. The title for the game that I came up with was Tom's Traumatizing Time At The Toy Store.

Something that I am trying out is a site called RocketHub. It is very similar to the site, where the community can fund projects and get rewards for doing so. What this funding is going towards is the Unity Pro version for development purposes, licencing and rewards for funding the project.

This is a very new and exciting approach to my game development and as time goes by more posts will be put up showing concepts, models and videos of where the game is currently at.

The link to my RocketHub project is

Anyways guys, happy coding!

Also! The tool that is also currently in development is getting close to its beta version, so a video of where the tool is at will be up shortly. So stay tuned!