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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Poll Results and TD Shooter Update!

So in case you guys had not noticed, I had a poll going about features that you would like to see in a tower defense game. It was a trick poll, I am implementing all of those features in my new tower defense game, what you guys did was create a priority on what I should implement first.

The main feature of my up and coming tower defense game is the first person mode. I really think that getting in on the enemy blasting action will make the game much more interesting and strategic, since now you not only have to choose what towers to upgrade, but if and what you want to upgrade on your character.

The heroes is also going to be partially implemented. Once more details on the story get fleshed out I will let you guys know about what is going on with that situation. Currently the location of the game is in a toy store after hours, and you play as the security guard at this toy store. Like I said, more details need to be added and will come later.

Skill trees are a pain, but I have full intentions on implementing them. They are not overly complex to create, it is just the balancing that takes a long time and is tedious work. I have full intentions on implementing this in the game.

Now what I am going to do is release the game in multiple alpha and beta releases. To be honest, the only thing slowing this project down is the art. It has been slow moving as I am not the one doing the art, and there has been scheduling conflicts with my colleague. As of now all art in the game has been completed by me and well, I will just say that it is not at the quality it should be nor was the proper amount of time spent on it.

I will keep you guys posted.

ALSO!! I have a new tool that I have been working on that I plan on releasing soon. I am not saying what it is but I love breaking things!

Anyways happy coding!