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Monday, November 28, 2011


Alright guys, so I just got internet at my new apartment around 20 minutes ago. Quite a delay from the date I moved in, I believe it's been almost a month now. Now that I have the internet at my new apartment I'm going on an internet surfing binge and then getting back to it!

Within the last month the teaching has gone fairly well, and I was offered another course to teach next semester, so that's awesome. The only problem is that it depends on how many students sign up for the course and whether or not there is enough to even bother having the course at all. So fingers crossed! It is calculus so I'm hoping things go through!

As for the tutorials, the new ones should be coming soon, I more or less just need to take an hour or so and get them set up on this site. Anyhow, off to work and happy coding!