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Monday, September 19, 2011

Free Time Is Approaching!!!

I feel as though I am letting you guys down with my lack of tutorials and updates, and I really don't want to use my lack of time for an excuse once again but, the fact that there are only 24 hours in a day seems to be my problem.

But don't fret! More free time is approaching! I am slowly transitioning from my current job to a better one with less hours and more pay!! Woop woop!!

I recently got a job teaching math at college. Two days a week, whoopie i know, but the fact that I now have two days of only 2 hours of work will let me go full force into development of my own games and these tutorials.

I have a new platformer almost finished, I more or less just need to create the music and sound for it,( it's a real pain being a one man team). Yesterday I went through all of my textures and revamped them, so the game basically got a complete makeover. Other than the sound effects I just have to create a few static backgrounds just so you aren't looking into a skybox and do some performance testing. I'm hoping to get this game on Kongregate so when I do I will let you know!

I will also be creating a few new more in-depth tutorials on some managers for audio and level transitioning. There's also going to be a few new Editor scripts that I am updating and creating specifically for the next game I am creating, this time with a team(a small one, but I won't be doing everything this time, which is nice!).

I am creating a page for my new platformer, I haven't decided on a name yet so for right now I'll probably just  leave it as platformer and maybe create a few names and have a poll and let you guys choose. Here is a picture of the very first level.

As you can see the art is very low budget and cheap, but I'm not an artist, and like I said, all of the textures were done in one day. As was most of the models. Most of the models were created, rigged and animated within one day. They are blocky, but how many programmers do you know can model, rig, animate, unwrap, texture, create sound and music, and design games as well! Just you take it easy on my art skills!

I want all of my textures to look as if they were painted on, on some of the objects it looks good, like personally I thought my skybox turned out great, but other things just look like a blurred mess so I may update them again later. The nice thing about Kongregate is that I can re-upload a patch if necessary, whether I am updating art or code, or even adding new levels ooooh.

So on my new Platformer page I'm going to have a few other pictures of the game, and I'll try recording some footage so that you can see it in action even without all of the proper sound effects and particle effects in the game. I'm also going to create a list of the tutorials that I am going to create out of the scripts that I've made for the game. A big part of the development of this game was to create a bunch of scripts that I can re-use in a bunch of games on top of this one.

But anywho, I need to create the page and grab some pictures and decide on what I'm going to do with this in the future. So happy coding guys!!!!!