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Sunday, October 22, 2017

New Let's Plays

Why good afternoon ladies and gentlemen.

I am here again, after a pretty darn tootin' long time, with some brand new let's plays on my Youtube channel.

Don't worry, I do have something in mind for tutorials as well, I'm just getting back into the game and trying to get used to video editing once again and getting somewhat of a presence back online.

Anywho, without further ado, here are the latest and greatest!

Below is a let's play I did recently of The Last of Us. I've had this game for a while but never got around to actually playing it. So finally I did, and have shared the experience with everyone.

Below is the first episode in the (now completed) playlist

On top of this I have my pants pooping series! Alien Isolation!

 I'm not a huge fan of the horror game genre, but yet here I am giving it a shot. Watch me suffer through this game with a pack of fresh underwear at my side!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New Playthrough Of Half Life 2

Hey everyone, so I decided to do another playthrough, and this time, instead of posting each individual episode on the blog, I am just going to post the playlist that is going to have new episodes added to it as they are released. This way the blog isn't swarmed with posts, and also if you guys want updates you can just subscribe to my Youtube channel and get them that way. I figure it's easier that way, and it will make the blog itself cleaner.

Here is the play list!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Draw Call Minimizer 2.0

Hello ladies and gentlemen! Recently I did a complete overhaul of my Draw Call Minimzier tool for Unity3D. I fixed all of the issues I was informed of, and added new features, and I am now much happier with the tool.

Changes since 1.3.4:

-Added namespaces to the classes to avoid naming issues with some of the classes (It seemed like people commonly had classes names like MeshCombineUtility when they were looking for other tools to reduce draw calls)
- OptimizedCombineChildren is now named DrawCallMinimizer and is faster, cleaner, and easier to use
- Texture atlasing is much faster and makes smaller textures
- Properly manages Shaders with more than one texture property
- New editor tool for batching allows you to combine meshes before runtime and exports combined meshes, textures and materials as assets and prefabs
- Added links to a wiki with the newest version and information, as well as a link to the issue tracker so you can notify me of bugs that you find with DrawCallMinimizer

I also created a video going over what is new in DrawCallMinimizer:

I hope you guys enjoy! You can grab the latest version from here: